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The last few years research shows that the crushing majority of people in Greece and in the entire civilized world search the internet, in order to decide the purchase of a product or a service. After they complete their online search, most of them choose to buy the product mainly from a store and some of them from the internet.

Google, who is the biggest search engine in the world, has stopped showing search results at portable mobile phones and tablets that are not responsive, which means that they don’t adjust to the screen’s size, because most people connect to the internet with these devices. Therefore, now that most people search the internet with their mobile phones, even when they are outside and moving, it is essential for every professional, shop or business to build their online presence. At some cases it is not necessary to have a physical presence at a main street, an expensive facility not even a store, but it is necessary to have a correct online presence. The design and the building of your right and effective internet presence is now exclusively a matter of Marketing, because the competition is very tough.

Every business is unique and has different needs. At Planeta Marketing, we analyze and study carefully our clients and suggest to them solutions that cover their needs and not some packs-for-all.

    • We begin from the selection and registration (for those that don’t have) of an online name (domain name) e.g. www.yourname.gr , we proceed to the Hosting on a Greek server, so that you have higher site’s loading speed, and finally we create your professional e-mails e.g. info@yourname.gr, so that you can differ and inspire trust and professionalism.
    • We undertake the Construction of websites, portals and e-shops, of high professional level with the use of contemporary Greek software with a variety of modules, depending on your needs, and more specifically a combination of software for Web CRM, creating Newsletters and mass E-mail sending.
    • Finally we create or modify the professional Social Media Pages, like Facebook, Instagram etc. and your business’ Google My Business, so that people find you in their Search, Maps and Google+. We also create and modify your Tripadvisor profile and any other social media needed for horeca business.

The enhancement of your online presence is a one way road if you wish to establish yourself at your field, develop and keep up a stable relationship with your clients. At the age of online information is imperative to differ from the competition and supply all the information relative to your services or products through the internet.