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Convertion of Family tapes on DVD

Are you ... collectors of memories? And who is not!

It's time to see and relive the most beautiful moments of your life that are stored on analog media.

They are in videocassettes of all types, ie: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8mm, digital 8mm, DV, mini- DV, in PAL or NTSC system?
Are they old Super 8mm, 16mmribbons or spools?;

  • So time to put them on DVDto be played by the DVD player, Bluray-player and PS3 or PS4!

Are video clips stored on your camera, video camcorder, mobile phones or on the computer but you can not view them on the TV?

  • We can group them according to your wishes and create the appropriate DVDs, so you can enjoy them on your TV!

Still have vinyl records or audio tapes with choices of tracks that you've done with your own effort?

  • If you want to listen to them and keep them on CD, we know the way!

In addition, in our workshop we're editing, to join or separate specific videos, and we also convert DVDs to any format you like!

Do you want to keep your memories unchanged?

You should know that memories, USB sticks and hard disks are recording media on which we write and erase, over time, and depending on their storage conditions, the files begin to become corrupted (demagnetized).

  • In our well-equipped laboratory we convert analogue tapes and create DVDs and CDs that play on all home appliances and computers and remain unchanged for many years!


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Converting tapes on DVD & CD