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The acquisition and operation of a potential system CRM, it is now necessary and integral part of an integrated marketing, for any company regardless of size and services offered.

In PLANETA Marketing we undertake the training of your staff for the excellent use of the CRM or the entirely management and operation, thus adding to your company a very useful and necessary tool, which offers the following advantages:

  • Traders: Manage all of your transacting business, continuous monitoring of activities and more generally all information and data of your customers as well as direct and mass communication with your clients with feasibility promotional activities with measurable and assessable results.
  • Activities: Detailed registration of your users activities with your operators (telephone, appointments, mail, etc.), calendar of activities per day ability to control your pending activities and efficient handling and organization of your company's daily operations. Also automatic update of activities through the implementation and connection to questionnaires.
  • Archiving and Safety: Full registration of your files (texts, contracts, images, etc.) and their connection with their respective operators, creating texts for sending by e-mail, sms or fax, definition of criteria for mass messaging and scheduling of mass mailing. Possibility of recovery of important information and details of an earlier communication with someone you trader and complete data security of your clientele that is always accessible at any time and moment.
  • Offers: Listing of all the tenders, registration possibility species there are in the warehouse, automatic sending of offers by email, and connect the supply to the objectives of the trader and automatic transformation into order.
  • Time and cost collateral: Saving your precious time knowing who your potential customers are ready for the next step of cooperation and what not and why. Attract new potential customers, reduced operating costs, improve your working environment and productivity growth.