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03/01/2015     The new year begins

Εξωτερικές Αναθέσεις


The new year begins with the elections, regardless of their result, creates to some of us, a tendency to postpone our actions to reclaim our healthy business growth in the new year.

The reality is that while we can not grow the size of the market within which we operate, we can certainly fight for greater market share. Therefore we need to segment the market to select customer segments of interest and make targeted visibility and promotion for our products and services, that's MARKETING!

It is no longer sufficient, as before the crisis, to have competitive prices, a good place, great, attentive service & wait for the customer to come, but we have to do many targeted actions, combining traditional instruments with modern (internet, social networks, send e-mails etc), to keep our customers live, but also to attract new ones.

Nowadays many companies are unable to be staffed with experienced full-time professionals in all areas of sales, marketing and customers support.

We at PLANETA MARKETING, have the solution without you having to spend a fortune. We can implement all the necessary tools (Web pages, professional pages facebook & google+, brochures, catalogs, menus, business cards, signs, etc.), but also to take, as your external partners (outsourcing), the MARKETING functions and anything else relevant that is necessary to you. Proof is our satisfied customers.

We are available to discuss ways to grow your business.